Proactive chat and co-browsing

Real-time customer engagement on your Websites: secure, modular, and mobile.
Security, modularity, and the optimum integration into the existing and future service infrastructure are important in the selection of your chat software. With ITyX CHAT, you establish direct connections to valuable visitors of your Internet portals. An integrated solution which your organization can use in a variety of different service scenarios. ITyX CHAT is available on-premise or in the cloud.

How it works

Content Analytics: classify and route

Synchronized Browsing to exchange forms, chats, documents

Guided co-browsing: Accompany your visitors on the web, share content.

Personal and direct: The dialog is automatically recorded in the customer history

Chat & Co-Browsing: Proactively engage each customer

What it can do

  • Customize your value proposition for each web visitor
  • Initiate customer dialogs to guide visitors through optimal service processes
  • Increase sales success (+140%) and customer satisfaction (+90%)

What it means

  • Real-time web visitor engagement with guided customer consulting: Use visitor behavior to target and guide customers through the optimal customer experience in combination with other ITyX modules
  • Pro-active approach of valuable visitors: establish personal connections by click-to-call, click-to-chat, and click-to-video
  • Implement on premise or in the cloud: Flexible configuration with security to protect personal information

Contact me.

My name is Dominique Jaritz. I am principal consultant at ITyX USA. Please contact me at any time for questions regarding our CHAT solution.

Dominique Jaritz, ITyX USA

Dominique Jaritz

ITyX Solutions Inc.
37 North Orange Avenue,
suite 910L
Orlando, FL 32801
T +1 407 427 1553

E-mail Dominique Jaritz

Stay tuned for omnichannel customer service!

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