Omnichannel Capture Platform

Omnichannel Capture Platform

Paper or digital: Analyzing incoming correspondence and processing them precisely.

The omnichannel capture platform records and distributes incoming correspondence from any channel and format. Sample documents are used to train the omnichannel capture platform for "ECM automation". During its use in the mailroom, back office and customer service environments, the platform continually learns from each transaction

How it works

Omnichannel Capture Platform: Content classification
Omnichannel Capture Platform: data extraction and enrichment
AI Platform: smart workflow and integration platform
Capture Platform: routing the transaction

What it means

  • One solution for all areas of organization:
    No more area-specific applications – incoming correspondence is aggregated on a single platform regardless of channel and format.
  • Unique content analysis:
    Content and specialized data are recognized and sent on for further processing.
  • Low error rates:
    With a precision that is unique to the industry, correction rates can be achieved that frequently exceed the quality of humans.

What you need

MAILROOM: automatic processing of inbound correspondence

MAILROOM Content classification and routing for modern digital mailrooms. Find out more ... 

AI Platform: integration and workflow platform based on AI

AI PLATFORM Incoming correspondence: content classification, specialized data extraction and routing. Find out more ...

Contact me.

My name is Andreas Ritler. I am responsible for our sales and alliances in the US. Please contact me at any time for questions regarding our Omnichannel Capture Platform.

Andreas Rittler, ITyX USA

Andreas Rittler

ITyX Solutions Inc.
37 North Orange Avenue,
suite 910L
Orlando, FL 32801
T +1 407 427 1553


E-mail Andreas Rittler

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