How it works

How it works

ITyX Cloud Platform

With the ITyX Cloud Platform, you can automatically classify and prioritize business processes and enrich them with special data.

Inbound mail, e-mails, faxes, and archived documents become valuable data records in document repositories, contact center and back office systems.

What it means

What it means

  • Seamless processes – internally or through BPO: 
    Select an implementation model (private, hybrid, public) – as well as your preferred service provider. 
  • You can implement individual processes or entire applications: 
    Choose between "Process as a Service" or "Software as a Service".
  • Pay-per-Use:
    Do not invest in infrastructure and software, take advantage of  cost savings through transaction prices.

Contact me.

My name is Andreas Rittler. I am responsible for our sales and alliances in the US. Please contact me at any time for questions regarding our cloud solutions.

Andreas Rittler, ITyX USA

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