C2B Platform

360° customer communication: One customer access to all companies and processes.

Welcome to the future of customer service. C2B is consequently conceived and designed from a customers‘ perspective. As a service app, C2B is already installed on more then 20,000+ Smartphones – as an intelligent service for communication with companies. Your customers digitize and organize all relevant invoices, contracts or receipts. Comfy and complimentary.

Offer your customers and prospects a unique communications platform for networked service processing. Secure and without media breaks.

How it works

Smart document assistant for your customers
Mobile Customer Engagement: Understanding content
Offer your customers the optimum service channel

What it means

  • Seamless Integration with Customers in your Service Processes:
    When you join the C2B platform you create a secure and scalable service ecosystem that integrates your customers with your service processes.
  • Create Contiguity and Transparency::
    Callback, IP-Call, Messaging, sending or sharing documents – design service dialogues that match the context of your customers’ inquiry. Create clarity and simplicity.
  • Cut service costs:
    Benefit from a transaction based, customer centric and future ready business model that puts your customers in the center.

What you need

MOBILE: Kundenservice ohne Medienbrüche

MOBILE Next generation customer service: simplify the communication with your customers. Find out more ... 

VOICE: smart ACD software

VOICE Smart ACD software for routing of calls, E-mails, letters and social media. Find out more ... 

AI PlATFORM: smart workflow platform

AI PLATFORM Incoming correspondence: content classification, specialized data extraction and routing. Find out more ... 

Contact me.

My name is Dominique Jaritz. I am principal consultant at the ITyX Group. Please contact me at any time for questions regarding our products and solutions.

Dominique Jaritz, Principal Consultant ITyX Group

Dominique Jaritz


ITyX Solutions Inc.
37 North Orange Avenue,
suite 910L
Orlando, FL 32801

T +1 407 427 1553

E-mail Dominique Jaritz

Stay tuned for omnichannel customer service!

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