2 March 2017

New digital solution for Toshiba TEC: ITyX supplies innovative AI PLATFORM for smart automation

To set new standards in the field of automated processing in corporate environments, leading provider of imaging solutions, Toshiba TEC, has partnered with ITyX. The German software experts hold the key to a successful strategic cooperation by starting to implement their artificial intelligence (AI) systems of the company-owned AI PLATFORM into Toshiba's services.


With the public announcement of the partnership, the Japanese technology corporation shows a continuing effort in providing upmarket solutions to digital process automation, assisting their clients with respect to great performance.


With the AI PLATFORM, ITyX introduces a series of partly trademarked AI algorithms and machine learning, aimed at finally establishing automated routine processes in the fields of service, back office and business administration. Thanks to its smartness, the self-learning ITyX software recollects repeatedly emerging patterns of content, incorporates decisions by elected personnel and handles future communication procedures with its adaptive knowledge base. As such, employees are relieved of executing monotonous individual production steps, and are allowed to spend more time dealing with exceptional cases.

What’s the advantage for companies? Using the AI PLATFORM means an average reduction of handling times of text-based operations up to 90%, with 40% of unstructured content converted into valuable data records for further processing. The resulting fast return on investment (ROI) leads to savings on time, costs and resources, as well as an improvement of quality and the consistency of business interactions.


ITyX group's marketing director, Andreas Klug, gets to the heart of it: “The smart process automation points the way on how businesses will assert themselves in the future market”, he says. “Thanks to the partnership with Toshiba TEC, we take significant steps towards our purpose of enabling customers to receive a smooth workflow during their service procedures, might those be analogue or digital.”


2 May 2015

Software Made in Germany: ITyX expands to the United States

The leader in the German-speaking marketplace for self-learning enterprise software opens a new office in Florida
- ITyX software is based on artificial intelligence and can comprehend the content of emails and documents.


Digitalization has increased the demand for automation solutions in the US, as it has in Europe
- The Florida office will be our springboard for activities in North and South America.


Orlando, 2015-05-12 – German ITyX, a market leader specializing in intelligent software, is opening a new location in Florida in response to the increasing demand for adaptive software in the US. ITyX expands its activities to a market that due to digitalization increasingly invests in automation of service interactions via email, the Internet, apps and social media.


Our software understands and responds to messages: In the German-speaking regions, ITyX is market leader in adaptive enterprise solutions — today also known as “cognitive software”. The solutions are based on latest methods of AI (artificial intelligence) and can comprehend text-based content in any language and structure. Many of the „Global Top 150“ companies rely on software made in Germany. Our solutions are now applied in 22 countries.


We have founded our first US subsidiary — ITyX Solutions Inc. — back in April 2014 to better serve internationally operating clients and partners in the world’s largest IT market. Our Florida office is growing, and we have moved into the historic Angebilt building in Orlando, one of the oldest buildings in Florida. “We will be expanding our US team with several specialists for our professional services,” says ITyX founder and CEO Süleyman Arayan. “We are finding an excellently built out infrastructure here, which will also serve us a springboard for future activities in North and South America,” adds ITyX Vice President Joe Radomsky.


1 October 2014

Know What’s Going to Happen: New Solution by ITyX predicts trends and topics in customer service and on the Web

In the digital transformation of service-oriented organizations, context-based data analysis during live operation poses an enormous challenge.

What’s the content of messages and news streams? What relevant data is being processed and transferred on a daily basis? The German technology provider ITyX introduces a new solution for real-time analysis of data streams from all of an organization’s relevant sources.


The experts in automation software and cognitive computing will present their new solution Mediatrix DISCOVER at the customer service congress Call Center World (CCW) 2015 in Berlin, Germany. The cognitive software analyzes and anticipates trends and topics in customer communications via letter, email, on the Web and in social media.


The new module DISCOVER closes a gap in the software company’s comprehensive portfolio of cognitive software. DISCOVER analyzes unstructured text content in digital communications (email, chat, forums) as well as ECM content (document management) to identify matrices and enable trend analyses. A dynamic dashboard provides management, marketing, customer service and product management alike with customizable analyses in multidimensional visualization.


“With the ITyX modules RESPONSE and KNOWLEDGE, we’ve always been collecting legacy data and dynamic data in customer service and document management. Our analysis was focused on automated routing, processing and responding to relevant messages — on the process level. With DISCOVER, we now offer a top-notch report generator that allows you to extrapolate trends and topics from the content stream to promote management control,” explains ITyX CEO Süleyman Arayan.


This “content-based comprehension of contextual processes,” Arayan continues, “offers a maximum spectrum of flexibility to meet the challenges of digitalization, in the present and in the future.”


DISCOVER’s performance spectrum includes:
› Precise conversation analyses (including what customers desire, what they want to purchase or why they are not buying)
› Dynamic parametrization and visualization of contextual coherences in real time
› Browser-based dashboard with standardized widgets
› Directly configurable identification and differentiation of business topics
› Extensive notification and visualization options.


The cognitive algorithms developed by ITyX are regarded as particularly high-performing in the IT industry, because they continually “learn” and help to largely prevent manual interference in the automated business data extraction (identification of relevant customer and product data).


5 May 2014

Better than humans

New generation of AI-based text analysis surpasses previous limits.

- New generation of AI-based text analysis
- Automatic classification applied in mail room and customer service
- Self-learning data extraction solution for the preparation of documents and emails is commercially available for the first time

ITyX releases a new analysis method based on AI (artificial intelligence) and self-learning algorithms for processing emails and documents in organizations with a “high volume of communication.”


With the new CONTEX platform 2.3, ITyX achieved an enormous leap in automatic content analysis for input management in organizations. The new version of the automation solution reaches a previously unachieved level of accuracy in “thematic sorting, routing and automated processing of unstructured text contents from documents and emails. For 15 years, we have been developing AI methods that time again raise the bar in mail room automation and email management through a clever combination of self-learning algorithms,” says CEO and company founder Süleyman Arayan about the new platform. “Compared with current methods, we are achieving correctness rates with these newly released algorithms that significantly surpass the average quality of sorting by a human.”


CONTEX also involves a new kind of methods for self-learning data extraction from unstructured text contents. This completely novel kind of algorithms has not been previously available in the capture software marketplace. The algorithms enable an automated provision of relevant business data from incoming documents and emails. Thus, media disruptions of today’s largely manual processing are overcome. The majority of text-based business processes is provided in form of processable data sets.


What’s more, ITyX now also offers its automation technology on transaction basis as “process” — in a by German law secure cloud environment. An option especially attractive for mid-sized organizations that previously couldn’t invest in mail room automatization for cost reasons.


2 February 2014

Automating business processes in mail room and service: ITyX presents new cloud platform at CeBIT 2014

ITyX, a specialist in automation software, will once again present as a partner at Bifkom’s ECM Solutions Park in hall 3 at CeBIT.

Many of the international TOP 150 companies employ ITyX solutions to capture, classify and process documents and service inquiries — now in 16 languages, in 18 countries. A highlight of ITyX presence is the new cloud platform “Wizex,” which allows organizations in any industry and of any size to utilize intelligent methods for automating text-based processes.


The World Wide Web has always procured new technologies that transform our daily communication habits. What is remarkable nowadays, though, is how fast this is happening. There are already more mobile devices than people on earth. And 75% of IT decision-makers are convinced that the personal use of smartphones and tablets will also lastingly revolutionize the way organizations use the cloud, as well as their mobility and networking, according to a current study by ERP specialist SAP.


When it comes to progressive digitalization and automation, ITyX AG is a leader in the German technology sector. At CeBIT, the Cologne-based company presents its software for mailroom, email and knowledge management. The clou is that the solutions are based on current methods of semantics and linguistics. They read and understand text-based contents from documents, emails and archives and can process the contents largely automatically.


With the new cloud platform “Wizex”, ITyX provides its automation technology on a transaction basis as “process.” From the execution of individual process steps in text analysis to visualizing entire process chains via email, letter, Web and app — “Wizex” by ITyX identifies and automates service inquiries. A benefit of executing processes in the ITyX cloud is that situational external BPO service providers can be integrated into the process without media disruption.

“With this clever combination of technology, process and service provider, we want to achieve maximum flexibility in ECM input management,” says ITyX CEO and company founder Süleyman Arayan.


4 October 2012

Pro-active Chat: Profitable Customer Communication via the Web

In the smart phone and mobile internet age, service communication between organisations and their customers is no longer limited to the telephone.

Quick questions and answers via chat windows or web self service applications continue to gain importance. But what added value does the virtual service interaction offer?

Search, compare, buy and evaluate: this year online sales are estimated to hit around £57.39 billion in the UK alone, an increase of around 14% on 2011. According to the Centre for Retail Research, last year the UK had the highest online share of retail trade in Europe with 12%, followed by Germany (9%) and Switzerland (8.7%).

More and more organisations are looking at ways to make their online customer communication more interactive, and optimise their customer service expertise. A true multi-channel customer service has to be able to negotiate from telephone to the virtual world of the internet.

In Germany, for example, almost one third of all customer service interactions now take place online. A leading direct insurance company, Cosmos, for instance, offers chat and live customer support: a customer with a query receives a ‘fill-in help via co-browsing’ option from a Cosmos customer service advisor enabling them to view offers online and calculate insurance premiums together.

Consumer behaviour has changed considerably in the past two years due to the availability of mobile internet that makes time and location immaterial. People shop while on the go, at the weekend or in the middle of the night.
Millions of smart phones and tablet PCs offer easy access wherever you are.

Of all worldwide online activities, the most popular are email (95%), followed by research and purchase of online products (62% respectively). An organisation’s internet presence is therefore the ideal place to engage with visitors interactively, and help them find relevant information to assist them with their purchase. But how can organisations use this customer service channel efficiently and profitably?

Software provider ITyX has published a practical check list to help answer this question. Entitled 'Service Chat & 'Service Chat & Co-Browsing: 5 Tips for profitable Customer Experiences’, the specialist for automation of service processes provides insight into the suitable design of chat applications and advice on selection of effective strategies when using chat applications.

One of the options highlighted in the check list, is to offer chat dialogue pro-actively to those visitors who are clearly looking for answers, or to those that are struggling during online service transactions. When using this type of ‘pro-active chat’, the internet customer receives a message saying for example, “Can I help you?” This kind of service is what a customer would receive in our traditional brick and mortar business.

"A pro-active advice chat provides an excellent opportunity to replicate the service ethics of an organisation in the virtual world of its internet site”, explains Süleyman Arayan, ITyX founder and CEO. The interactive service influences the service quality experience of the digital offer, and subsequently the purchase decision of the online visitor. "In a real-life application, a pro-active advice chat with co-browsing functionality increases the lead to sale ratio for an online product – i.e. the proportion of successful purchase transactions based on the visitors of an offer – by up to 400 percent.”

"In the coming years, intelligent service design will play an important role during convergence of traditional customer service and the internet,“ comments Walter Benedikt, managing director of contact centre service provider, 3C Dialog. However, the offer of a quick chat contact should not only be limited to the prospect of increased sales and cost reductions. "In times of increased interchangeability of products and services, the opening of the internet channel is an important investment for the future of call centres.“


4 September 2012

ITyX opens office in Brazil

ITyX, a provider of adaptive automation software for ECM and customer service, has just launched its official representative office in Sao Paulo.

South America’s largest economy provides a rapidly growing market, that will invest significantly in the optimisation of text based business processes.

Earlier this year Brazil overtook the UK as the world’s 6th largest economy. It employs around 540,000 people in the call centre industry, generating around £3.5 billion. With its range of adaptive and multi-lingual solutions, ITyX supports organisations in this sector with the management and processing of digital communication, such as documents, emails, social media and the web.

The official ITyX representation in Brazil started on 1 September 2012. During the launch party in Sao Paulo’s Club Transatlantico, ITyX director Andreas Klug welcomed many guests from the IT and service industry. "Brazil is an upcoming market and ideal launch pad for our activities in South America“, commented ITyX CEO and founder Süleyman Arayan on the market entry. Arayan was surprised about the drive in this emerging market. "In Brazil we have found a highly developed infrastructure for digital service delivery, in which outsourcing and service efficiency will play a major part. "

Thomas Schetty, ITyX Manager for South America added: "Thanks to the successful expansion of the digital infrastructure, Brazil has become an important market for service innovation“.

Earlier this month, ITyX also exhibited at CONAREC, South America’s largest Customer Relationship Management (CRM) event, which further emphasised the importance of the service sector for contact centres and business process outsourcing.

ITyX serves its international client base from its head quarters in Germany and overseas offices in the UK, Austria and Belgium.

3 September 2012

buw consulting and ITyX partner to deliver enhanced digital customer service

TyX have just announced their partnership with buw consulting, in a move aimed to deliver enhanced management of text based business transactions in both customer service and back office operations.

Germany’s largest customer management consultancy, buw, offers advice in areas such as strategy, organisation, processes, technologies and human resources for clients including E.ON, Miele, TUI and Velux.

“The intelligent integration of content and business processes is becoming an increasingly important trend for organisations in a modern service economy”, comments Matthias Schulte, director buw consulting. “As specialised consultants in this area, we believe that ITyX is a strong partner thanks to their excellent IT intelligence. Together we can support our customers even more with existing opportunities“. ITyX founder and CEO Süleyman Arayan added: “With buw consulting we have won an experienced as well as successful partner. Both organisations are committed to a modern service economy that manages all text based communication between organisations and consumers quickly, professionally and tailored to customers’ needs – independent of channel and format.“

The adaptive software of technology provider ITyX allows medium to large organisations to efficiently connect customer communication received via email, De-Mail, letter and social media with business processes. ITyX solutions recognise and anticipate text based content and route it to available internal and external service staff based on their relevant skills. This can achieve a reduction of processing times by up to 90 percent, accelerates service processes and leads to faster and more cost effective handling of customer enquiries.

buw consulting is part of buw Holding, an award winning consulting and outsourcing specialist. The group has around 4,500 employees in seven locations in Germany and subsidiaries in Hungary and Romania, offering BPO and customer service solutions.


6 August 2012

ITyX is the De-Mail Solutions Partner of Deutsche Telekom

igital communication via email and the internet is booming. Despite this trend, over 17 billion letters are still sent in Germany every year.

There is a sound reason for this; an email may be read by those who are not the recipient, or it could be forged or misused as a spam message. All this is to change with the introduction of the De-Mail. On 31 August, during IFA 2012 in Berlin, Deutsche Telekom will present the De-Mail to the market place, making an important ‘step into the gigabit society’.

In time for IFA 2012, Deutsche Telekom and 1&1 are launching De-Mail, a new secure email service for legally binding transmission of messages and documents between consumers, organisations and public authorities. Using encrypted transmission channels, the De-Mail will change the face of digital correspondence. Cologne based ITyX AG, a specialist for De-Mail management and incoming mail automation, is one of the selected De-Mail solution partners.

The use of digital mail offers a range of advantages for organisations. Transaction costs are reduced considerably by eliminating print and scanner infrastructure. But above all, the use of De-Mail is quick and simple. De-Mails are basically received and sent in the same way as emails – either directly from a work station or as an automated incoming mail in the service centre and back office. ITyX software offers additional savings potential, in particular for medium sized to large organisations, in areas such as content analysis, distribution and automatic processing of De-Mail, emails and documents. It reliably recognises semantic patterns in text content, is able to extract technical and personal data and initiates further processing.

According to Dr. Alexander Vollert, Member of the Board of Allianz Germany, their customers should also save time and money with De-Mail, which also speeds up processing considerably. The insurance group considers De-Mail as another important component in the digitalisation of its customer relationships.


5 August 2012

ECM Trends 2012: Organisations search for content

Automation and improvement of internal business processes are increasingly the focus of ECM implementation projects of medium sized and large organisations.

This is the conclusion of a market study carried out by IdH(Institut für dynamikrobuste Höchstleistung) on behalf of ITyX AG. The survey confirmed key areas already highlighted during the ECM Trend Study that was carried out by Open Text in May 2012.

Decision makers in IT and other specialist areas provided their insights into what they focus on during their ECM (Enterprise Content Management) activities. It became apparent, that the traditional practice of ‘electronic filing’ of documents has decreased in relevance. Back in 2010, 83 percent of respondents to a survey stated, that this is a main objective of their ECM activities. Today this is considered important by not even half of the organisations (49 percent).

‘Content search’ was named by 69 percent as the most important feature of an ECM solution. A close second (67 percent) was the ‘improvement of business processes’, defined as a target for expansion of ECM activities. The respondents were more cautions about ‘mobile applications’ (28 percent) and ‘ECM from the Cloud’ (21 percent).

"Automation and the improvement of business processes become increasingly important for organisations in the ECM context", comments Süleyman Arayan, founder and chief executive (CEO) of ITyX AG on the results of the survey. He adds: "Filing and the search for documents are no longer in the foreground, but the consolidation of information and business processes.”

131 decision makers from organisations with more than 500 employees were interviewed as part of IdH market study. All participants currently use an ECM solution and are working to develop this strategically further in 2012.


6 July 2012

badenova optimises incoming mail management using ITyX solutions

The German utilities company badenova improves efficiency of its customer correspondence and integrates external service providers.


badenova AG & Co. KG, a large regional energy supply company, relies on ITyX solutions for the management and processing of its customer correespondence. Within the organisation and its integrated service providers’ mailrooms, all incoming documents are digitally recorded, analysed and distributed, independent of structure and source through the ITyX module Contex.

Service Level and Cost Transparency

The implemented solution replaced the existing document processing system in the summer of 2011. This led to a drastic increase in transparency and as a result improved the quality of the resource planning. ITyX’s adaptive software modules were selected as part of a tender process to improve the efficiency of customer service, achieve audit compliant cost transparency and at any time gain an overview of the key performance indicators.

Behind Every Document is a Customer Expectation

The ITyX solutions initially ‘learnt’ from a number of training examples to help them identify the content and best practice handling of typical customer correspondence. Based on this knowledge, the system was then capable of analysing incoming customer transactions and initiating the underlying business processes automatically. Before an email or letter would reach the desk of an employee, customer identification information was extracted from the text and verified using the company’s SAP system. As a result, handling times decreased considerably and response times to customer contacts improved.

“It was also very important to us to be able to prioritise the processing of time critical transactions for our customers.” explains Marco Dirner, head of customer service at badenova. “Our aim was to be in a position to evaluate at any time the number of transactions and handling times – in particular when managing our service providers. We have achieved this very well with the ITyX solution.“


6 February 2012

Service of a New Generation: ITyX at CallCenterWorld 2012

Introducing a New Generation Multi-Channel Response Management for Email, Letter, Web and Social Media in Berlin from 28.02. to 01.03.2012

'All Channels – One Platform' is the theme of ITyX’s presentation of its solutions modules for multi-channel response management at this year’s CallCenterWorld in Berlin. Developed in cooperation with leading universities and research institutes, the solutions analyse and understand text based content independent of language, structure and composition. They are of a new generation of intelligent software that enables the automation of processes in contact centre environments, as they learn dialogues and dynamically transfer these into knowledge. Such an adaptive approach is key to accelerate the processing of customer enquiries. Various ITyX Group companies will be represented at this year’s CallCenterWorld.

Europe’s leading exhibition for customer service, Berlin’s CallCenterWorld is approaching fast. Communication between organisations and their customers are undergoing a radical process of change. Sophisticated consumers have developed their own idea of a service economy and left behind telephone queues or long response times. They expect the right information around the clock on all channels. Customer service using email and the internet are the channels of choice for these consumers. In many industry sectors, digital mail has already overtaken the telephone as the primary service channel. The service sector is facing new challenges with the integration of social networks in future processes.

Knowledge. Learning. Automation.

ITyX’s theme for CallCenterWorld 'All Channels – one Platform' – represents the core of the Mediatrix solutions family. The modules for multi-channel response management analyse and understand text based content independent of language, structure and composition. Emails, web enquiries, letters and social media messages are predominantly distributed and processed automatically by the modules and potential responses are also suggested. They are a new generation of intelligent software that enables the automation of processes in contact centre environments as they learn dialogues and dynamically transfer these into knowledge. Such an adaptive approach is key to accelerate the processing of customer enquiries and slimming down of the service economy.

Strategic Customer Experience Management

Mediatrix solutions process emails, letters, faxes, calls, SMS, chat enquiries, FAQ and Twitter and Facebook messages. Using the central CONTEX platform, messages from all channels are analysed and routed at the best time with action recommendations to available staff in call centres and back offices.

"Nowadays it makes no difference, from which channel an organisation receives messages. The customer always expects a fast and comprehensive response”, says Süleyman Arayan, founder and CEO of the ITyX Group. "The new generation of service solutions for customer experience management therefore has to be able to capture and, as much as possible, process automatically all text information. And at the heart of this can only be an intelligent knowledge base. “

ITyX in the LiveCallCenter design by HDC

Interested visitors can also see a demonstration of ITyX solutions at the LiveCallCenter design by HDC. This year the focus will be on the WEB SCOUT. This solution enables direct contacts via chat and video with selected visitors of linked-in internet portals. The main attraction will be that by using co-browsing, customer service staff will accompany visitors on internet pages and offer instant help and support. Germany’s leading direct insurance provider, Cosmos Direkt, has successfully implemented internet advice for its existing and potential customers.

It is also planned, that ITyX Management will participate in the following presentations at the TeleTalk Demoforum at CallCenterWorld 2012 :

Next to the telephone, email has become the most important contact channel for organisations: New products for fast response, optimum control of workloads and the development of efficient desktop work flow.
28 February 2012 10.55 - 11.35
29 February 2012 15.10 - 15.50
01 March 2012 13.30 - 14.10

Automation of the Call Centre
Intelligent solutions at the customer interface help customers to receive information quicker and to avoid call queues. New solutions from speech automation and recognition help to not overburden the customer, while reducing costs at the same time.
28 February 2012 10.00 - 10.50
29 February 2012 15.55 - 16.45
01 March 2012 11.30 -12.20

Social Media in the Call Centre
Customer communications’ 'third power' is born: Online forums, blogs and communities. New applications show how to communicate intelligently social media and how information can be generated systematically in such a way, that sales, production or marketing can use the data in a meaningful way.
28 February 2012 15.00 - 16.00
29 February 2012 10.45 - 11.45
01 March 2012 12.25 - 13.25

About ITyX:
Founded in 1996, ITyX is one of the leading solution providers in the customer care and ECM market. Based on methodologies of artificial intelligence (AI), ITyX developed the module solutions of the Mediatrix product family, that capture, analyse, classify, validate and process text based information through all channels (email, internet, letter, fax, SMS, social media).

Reputable organisations such as Air Berlin, Bosch Communication Center, DEVK, HUK Coburg, Infineon, IKEA, Samsung, Simyo, UniCredit Direkt Services rely on ITyX’s adaptive solutions when implementing their digital information and communications strategy.



4 January 2012

NTT Data and ITyX expand partnership

In addition to consulting, conceptional design, integration and implementation of ITyX solutions, NTT Data will now also act as an authorised reseller.

The ITyX Group has already entered into a cooperation agreement with NTT Data. The two companies have previously worked jointly for several months on the implementation of a large integration project in Customer Experience Management (CEM) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM).

The new cooperation agreement allows NTT Data to be an authorised reseller of the solutions modules of the ITyX platform.

NTT Data was formed by integrating Amtec, Cirquent, Intelligroup, Keae and Value Team, creating a new company with around 6,000 employees in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Argentina and Brazil. It specialises in conceptional design, implementation and operation of intelligent and future-proof IT systems that optimise business processes in large organisations.

This cooperation draws on valuable skills within both organisations in the intelligent analysis, distribution and processing of incoming communication via email, letter mail, web and social media in the growth market ECM.

Customers expect a fast and comprehensive response to their communication

NTT data focuses on customer-oriented consultancy in areas such as business intelligence, business process management and customer management. ITyX’s adaptive capture and automatic processing of text based customer communication in multi-channel management leads the way in this area. “The constant availability of the internet, regardless of location, means that organisations have to manage a flood of digital customer interactions from various channels,” explains ITyX director Andreas Klug. “There is also a change in customer expectation: consumers expect responses to their communication almost in ‘real time’. Only organisations, that can systematically analyse content and route those automatically to the correct business processes, can deal with this dynamic.”

In addition to the distinctive scientific methodology of text mining and content analysis, ITyX offers the most comprehensive portfolio available in the market place. All text channels – from document to intelligent web self service can be used to neatly bring together customer care, marketing and incoming mail on one platform.

The changing Service Economy

“The service economy has changed more in the past five years than the previous 50 years due to email, web and social media.” explains Andreas Klug. “The demand for intelligent, dynamic, adaptive solutions for fast and binding communication grows rapidly. We are delighted that we have found in NTT data a professional partner in all aspects for large projects.”



5 April 2011

ITyX acquires VERA Response Software

This acquisition rounds off the AI response management specialist's Enterprise 2.0 software portfolio with an entry-level solution.

ITyX has just announced the acquisition of VERA. The solution "Virtual Email Response Assistant" - in short, VERA - is one of the market leaders in the middle market IT segment. VERA has more than 60 installation in Germany and other European countries. With this acquisition, the ITyX Group expands its enterprise solution portfolio with an 'entry-level solution' in an IT growth sector.

The workflow based email respone management system VERA distributes incoming email messages automatically according to language and content and routes it according to skills to available staff for further processing. Structured workflows, response suggestions by the system and intelligent interim messages support organisations in any sector and any size to react efficiently to incoming digital communication.

"We will expand VERA to a universal entry-level solution for medium sized organisations in any sector," commented ITyX founder Suleyman Arayan. "Digital communication channels have become more complex with email and social media. ITyX is now also able to offer cost efficient communication solutions to small and medium-sized online retailers."


6 March 2011

Customer Experience Management: ITyX launches Initiative for Customer Service 2.0

The interactive website fahrplan2null.cc demonstrates the relevant aspects of modern customer communication and profitable customer experience management.


At CallCenterWorld 2011 ITyX launched a new Initiative for Customer Service 2.0 On the interactive pagewww.fahrplan2null.cc, whcih is in the style of a line network, new aspects of the communication between consumer and brand are picked up and evaluated.

The new methods and media, that are now available, range from 'auto response' to 'twitter', which in the next few years will take a more prominent role in the interaction and relationship between customers and organisations. "By the end of this decade, our current benchmarks of a traditional service economy will have been overtaken." ITyX director Andreas Klug explains the reasons for the start of the sector initiative. "Open communication via digital channels and social networks will take over from service hotlines."

At the service industry event in Berlin, social media was the key topic. Organisations such as service providers looked for suitable strategies to integrate the new media seamlessly into their communication processes. "There is a dark cloud hovering about the sector - an noby really knows how they will deal with the change in climate," adds Klug, "But it will happen."

According to ITyX, many organisations have learned about the opportunities to professionally service customers via social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Another key topic was the creation of customer loyalty. "In future it will play a major role. Brands and service organisatins will establish and nurture loyal relationships with those customers that have a significant influence on the purchasing behaviour of other users."


6 January 2011

New Multi-Channel Platform from ITyX

Their latest product release enables strategic communication management for service experiences via email, call, letter and web.

ITyX, the technology provider for self-learning input and response software solutions, has announced the release of the new version 2.0 of the Mediatrix Communications Platform. The multi-channel solution and related modules of the Mediatrix product family will be presented to the public for the first time during CallCenterWorld 2011. In addition to automated processing of incoming customer correspondence via email, letter and social media, ITyX also offers a central knowledge base, which can be used for all communication channels. Dynamic Artificial Intelligence (AI) processes enable automated suggestive responses via web FAQ pages, or ‘self service’ options, and the pro-active contact with selected visitors of internet portals via online-chat and co-browsing. "We regard the release of version 2.0 as a milestone,” says Süleyman Arayan, founder and chief executive of ITyX. "We create for our customers completely new possibilities to handle document processes. We are not aware of any technology platform in the customer experience and input management industry that brings together all service channels in a comparable way – in particular social networks – using a central, adaptive knowledge base.” The new solution allows medium to large organisations to process fully automated incoming messages independent of their structure, source or language on the basis of an adaptive knowledge base and work flow components.

ITyX auf der CallCenterWorld 2011
22 to 24 february 2011
Estrel Convention Center, Berlin
hall 4 stand D9

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6 January 2011

Customer service 2.0: ITyX lights an innovation firework at CCW 2011

Customer oriented transaction processing and customer experience management take centre stage during ITyX’s show during Call Center World in Berlin.

TyX welcomes you again to the 13th International Congress and Exhibition for Customer Experience Management. This year sees ITyX light up the arena with a dazzling display of innovations for the management of your customer interactions. See our innovation fireworks by visiting ITyX in hall 4 stand D9 and find out more about the modular Mediatrix platform for input and response management. Strategic Customer Experience ManagementTheir Mediatrix solutions are based on adaptive AI-methodologies and enable your organisation to analyse, prioritise and efficiently process customer interactions using email, letter, call, fax, SMS, chat, FAQ and social media. Customer-oriented Transaction Processing Through the new ITyX Social Customer Score process you can now rate your existing and potential customers as opinion formers on the social web during transaction processing. This new scoring process will be presented for the first time at Call Center World 2011. Intelligent Service ExperiencesWith Social Media Integration, ITyX offers your service organisation the opportunity to build a bridge between traditional multi-channel management and the increasingly networked customers. Automate trivial requests and focus on the creation of active service experiences in real time: via automatic FAQs (Mediatrix SELF SERVICE), targeted advisory services using Online-Chat (Mediatrix WEB SCOUT) and communication via Twitter and Facebook using Mediatrix COMCRAWLER.

ITyX at Call Center World 2011 22 to 24. February 2011
Estrel Convention Center Berlin
Hall 4 Stand D9
Hallplan ITyX at CCW 2011

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TeleTalk Demoforums

No other exhibitor is represented in so many different solutions categories at the Berlin show.
Visit ITyX at the following Tele Talk Demoforums:

Email-Management: Next to the telephone, email is the most important contact channel for organisations: New products for fast response, optimum management of capacities and the creation of efficient processes at the desk top.
23.02. 10:55 – 11:55
24.02. 14:45 – 15:55

Self Service: Intelligent solutions at the customer interface help the customer to find information quicker and avoid waiting loops. New solutions from speech automation and recognition avoid overburdening the customer and at the same time reduce costs.
23.02. 14:45 – 15:45
24.02. 11:05 – 12:05

Social Media: A new power in customer communication is born; online forums, blogs and communities. New applications show how people communicate nowadays using social media and how information can be systematically generated so that they can be used meaningfully in sales, production or marketing.
23.02. 15:50 – 16:50
24.02. 10:00 – 11:00


3 November 2010

ITyX exhibits at the UK’s premier Contact Centre Exhibition and Conference

ITyX will showcase its intelligent response solutions for customer service centres at the forthcoming Call Centre & Customer Management Expo in Birmingham.

The UK’s largest exhibition and conference will take place at the NEC from 21 to 22 September and expects more than 5,200 trade visitors.


The technology provider has developed a range of products to analyse and process incoming text based communication from whitemail to email and SMS to twitter feeds.


Self-learning solutions such as Mediatrix Email Response Management (ERMS), Self Service, Virtual Agent or Digital Mailroom automate the processing of standard tasks, increasing efficiency in the customer service and back office centres. Other products such as web chat and co-browser WebScout or social media analysis tool ComCrawler help increase pro-active online customer service and sales activities.


Based on Artifical Intelligence (AI) methodologies, all ITyX solutions are multi-lingual and in use on client sites across Europe. Their high recognition rates of incoming text results in the correct analysis of text, relevant routing to the right staff and efficient processing and responses that deliver customer satisfaction.


If clients use more than one product of the fully integrated Mediatrix suite, they can achieve even more efficiency. The Email Response Management system can for example dynamically feed questions and successful answers into the Web Self Service.


To find out more about the ITyX range, our latest products and features, visit us:
hall 9, stand H10
Call Centre & Customer Management Expo.


2 August 2010

ITyX simplifies Tweet Response Management

Organisations are faced with an ever increasing amount of messages about brands, products and services using the social media platform.

Technology provider ITyX now analyses incoming twitter news using AI (Artificial Intelligence) methodologies, processes and then integrates them in the multi-channel customer communication.


One of the leading experts worldwide in analysing all types of text based incoming correspondence (email, internet, whitemail, fax, documents, SMS), ITyX has now integrated the processing of tweets in its Enterprise Response Solution Mediatrix.


The sheer scale of incoming communication makes it difficult for brand owners and customer service centres to separate the ‘wheat from the chaff’. Mediatrix is an intelligent system, which self-learns from best practice and takes advantage of this important new customer communications channel and engages directly with particular target audiences.


Mediatrix receives existing Twitter-API tweets about an organisation and its brands or products. It then analyses and categorises the content text based on search terms or AI (Artificial Intelligence) and routes these at the best time to available customer service staff. Twitter customers then receive within seconds a contact from the brand owner, using defined response suggestions.


The responses are lodged in a user history. Andreas Klug, director at ITyX, explains: “The tweet connects the real time character of an online chat with the commodity of an email”.


4 May 2010

ITyX and Fraunhofer Institute develop new Technologies for self-learning Data Extraction

New self-learning processes improve the recognition rate of required information from letter mailings and accelerate incoming mail processing.


The Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems IAIS and ITyX have developed a solution for the automatic extraction of business data. Business data includes, for example, customer numbers, but also address data or product information that is required when processing written enquiries.

Using this solution, an organisation that checks its incoming mail can now see if and where a mailing contains the required business data. Up to now, solutions were not able to differentiate information on their own without rule types and additional filters; for example what is a customer number or a similar looking telephone number? In a worst case scenario, incorrectly recognised business data led to expensive and time intensive post-processing. "With the new intelligent processes, the rate for business data extraction - in particular with free text - can be increased considerably, without having to develop countless rule types," emphasises ITyX managing director Suleyman Arayan. Customers will be delighted as their written enquiries are now processed much faster.

"The extension of the established ITyX solution shows how open minded SMEs can technologically round off their own products, without having to develop these time and cost intensive solutions themselves," said Dr. Melanie Gnasa, head of the Text Mining group at Fraunhofer IAIS. "The long-standing cooperation between Fraunhofer IAIS and ITyX also confirms how productively applied research and practical experience can work for business," adds Arayan. In its future cooperation, IAIS and ITyX will continue to place great importance in identifying new company specific problems that occur when processing incoming mail and to provide practical solutions based on research findings.


3 March 2010

ITyX launches the VIRTUAL AGENT to automate back office processes

Software solutions specialist ITyX has just released Mediatrix VIRTUAL AGENT.

This new product captures, validates and transfers data automatically into existing ERP/host environments using secure remote connections.


ITyX managing director Andreas Klug explains: “The functionality of the VIRTUAL AGENT has been an integrated part of our existing solutions such as Virtual Mailroom and Email Response Management. It has enabled our clients to achieve process time reductions of more than 50% and we decided to make the VIRTUAL AGENT available to a wider customer base as a stand-alone module.”


The VIRTUAL AGENT is particularly effective when used for routine tasks, such as processing of incoming forms, applications, contracts or receipts or maintenance of twin systems. It captures, validates and transfers data automatically into ERP/ HOST environments, without the need to adjust existing systems.


Human interaction is only needed if data is incomplete or if a test process cannot be carried out successfully. The VIRTUAL AGENT uses remote connections, such as Windows Terminal Server, VNC or Citrix.


Klug adds: “The VIRTUAL AGENT comes with no initial cost outlay – clients only pay a percentage on the achieved cost savings. This will help organisations become leaner in these difficult times, without having to find a budget to implement change.”


2 May 2009

ITyX expands with UK subsidiary

One of Europe’s leading technology providers of self-learning software chooses Newcastle upon Tyne as its UK base.


ITyX, a system integrator for digital service solutions, has just announced the opening of a new office in Newcastle upon Tyne. This is the latest step in the European expansion of the German intelligent response software provider.


Andreas Klug, managing director of ITyX said: “Thanks to the support of distribution and integration partners here in the UK, we have been gained great insight into this dynamic and very exciting market. We are now able to locally support service organisations looking for intelligent self-service.”


He added: “In our increasingly networked society, there is a huge growth potential for efficient, cost effective and customer friendly response management as more and more transactions are carried out online.”


ITyX’s MEDIATRIX product range is based on semantic computer linguistic and artificial intelligence. This powers its self-learning knowledge database, email response management and digital mailroom, which can be used by global clients in multiple languages. A universal interface means that MEDIATRIX products integrate easily with existing contact centre products.


7 July 2008

Self-learning Software Solution Automates Processing of Incoming E-mail, Letter Mail, Fax

ITyX is already known for its leading solution for intelligent e-mail processing at contact centers.

At Call Center World 2009 in Berlin, the Cologne-based technology company presents MAILROOM 2.0, the first automated mailroom for self-learning processing of customer messages via e-mail, text message, letter and fax. The digital mailroom, which works based on artificial intelligence methods, sorts, extracts and processes incoming mail admin-free, learning by.


Service companies still invest significantly more resources in processing letters and faxes than they do in handling customer contacts via phone, Web and e-mail. Since the late 1990ties, mid-sized to large organizations have been implementing solutions for digitalizing documents and document logistics. Thus, today, digitally transporting documents is really doable. However, classifying and routing document-based business transactions, auto-identifying and further processing them is still mostly done manually in cost-intensive business processes.


With the new Mediatrix module MAILROOM, ITyX is integrating digital mail processing in form of visual workflow management into the multi-channel customer service operations of a contact center: Incoming documents are classified and routed to the appropriate customer service rep with matching skills. This occurs based on self-learning methods and contingent on priorities and escalation limits. The method is similar to the way a modern call center solution would define and create phone workflows. The information retrieval methods ITyX uses to find and identify customer and product data significantly reduce processing times. Mediatrix automatically identifies the required data and conducts specific business transactions in the background – without a skilled representative needing to check. The unique feature is that the text analysis and self-learning methods work regardless of document type (letter mail, forms, invoices) at the back-office.


Visit ITyX at Call Center World in Berlin in exhibit hall 4, booth D9.