1 October 2014

Know What’s Going to Happen: New Solution by ITyX predicts trends and topics in customer service and on the Web

In the digital transformation of service-oriented organizations, context-based data analysis during live operation poses an enormous challenge.

What’s the content of messages and news streams? What relevant data is being processed and transferred on a daily basis? The German technology provider ITyX introduces a new solution for real-time analysis of data streams from all of an organization’s relevant sources.


The experts in automation software and cognitive computing will present their new solution Mediatrix DISCOVER at the customer service congress Call Center World (CCW) 2015 in Berlin, Germany. The cognitive software analyzes and anticipates trends and topics in customer communications via letter, email, on the Web and in social media.


The new module DISCOVER closes a gap in the software company’s comprehensive portfolio of cognitive software. DISCOVER analyzes unstructured text content in digital communications (email, chat, forums) as well as ECM content (document management) to identify matrices and enable trend analyses. A dynamic dashboard provides management, marketing, customer service and product management alike with customizable analyses in multidimensional visualization.


“With the ITyX modules RESPONSE and KNOWLEDGE, we’ve always been collecting legacy data and dynamic data in customer service and document management. Our analysis was focused on automated routing, processing and responding to relevant messages — on the process level. With DISCOVER, we now offer a top-notch report generator that allows you to extrapolate trends and topics from the content stream to promote management control,” explains ITyX CEO Süleyman Arayan.


This “content-based comprehension of contextual processes,” Arayan continues, “offers a maximum spectrum of flexibility to meet the challenges of digitalization, in the present and in the future.”


DISCOVER’s performance spectrum includes:
› Precise conversation analyses (including what customers desire, what they want to purchase or why they are not buying)
› Dynamic parametrization and visualization of contextual coherences in real time
› Browser-based dashboard with standardized widgets
› Directly configurable identification and differentiation of business topics
› Extensive notification and visualization options.


The cognitive algorithms developed by ITyX are regarded as particularly high-performing in the IT industry, because they continually “learn” and help to largely prevent manual interference in the automated business data extraction (identification of relevant customer and product data).


5 May 2014

Better than humans

New generation of AI-based text analysis surpasses previous limits.

- New generation of AI-based text analysis
- Automatic classification applied in mail room and customer service
- Self-learning data extraction solution for the preparation of documents and emails is commercially available for the first time

ITyX releases a new analysis method based on AI (artificial intelligence) and self-learning algorithms for processing emails and documents in organizations with a “high volume of communication.”


With the new CONTEX platform 2.3, ITyX achieved an enormous leap in automatic content analysis for input management in organizations. The new version of the automation solution reaches a previously unachieved level of accuracy in “thematic sorting, routing and automated processing of unstructured text contents from documents and emails. For 15 years, we have been developing AI methods that time again raise the bar in mail room automation and email management through a clever combination of self-learning algorithms,” says CEO and company founder Süleyman Arayan about the new platform. “Compared with current methods, we are achieving correctness rates with these newly released algorithms that significantly surpass the average quality of sorting by a human.”


CONTEX also involves a new kind of methods for self-learning data extraction from unstructured text contents. This completely novel kind of algorithms has not been previously available in the capture software marketplace. The algorithms enable an automated provision of relevant business data from incoming documents and emails. Thus, media disruptions of today’s largely manual processing are overcome. The majority of text-based business processes is provided in form of processable data sets.


What’s more, ITyX now also offers its automation technology on transaction basis as “process” — in a by German law secure cloud environment. An option especially attractive for mid-sized organizations that previously couldn’t invest in mail room automatization for cost reasons.


2 February 2014

Automating business processes in mail room and service: ITyX presents new cloud platform at CeBIT 2014

ITyX, a specialist in automation software, will once again present as a partner at Bifkom’s ECM Solutions Park in hall 3 at CeBIT.

Many of the international TOP 150 companies employ ITyX solutions to capture, classify and process documents and service inquiries — now in 16 languages, in 18 countries. A highlight of ITyX presence is the new cloud platform “Wizex,” which allows organizations in any industry and of any size to utilize intelligent methods for automating text-based processes.


The World Wide Web has always procured new technologies that transform our daily communication habits. What is remarkable nowadays, though, is how fast this is happening. There are already more mobile devices than people on earth. And 75% of IT decision-makers are convinced that the personal use of smartphones and tablets will also lastingly revolutionize the way organizations use the cloud, as well as their mobility and networking, according to a current study by ERP specialist SAP.


When it comes to progressive digitalization and automation, ITyX AG is a leader in the German technology sector. At CeBIT, the Cologne-based company presents its software for mailroom, email and knowledge management. The clou is that the solutions are based on current methods of semantics and linguistics. They read and understand text-based contents from documents, emails and archives and can process the contents largely automatically.


With the new cloud platform “Wizex”, ITyX provides its automation technology on a transaction basis as “process.” From the execution of individual process steps in text analysis to visualizing entire process chains via email, letter, Web and app — “Wizex” by ITyX identifies and automates service inquiries. A benefit of executing processes in the ITyX cloud is that situational external BPO service providers can be integrated into the process without media disruption.

“With this clever combination of technology, process and service provider, we want to achieve maximum flexibility in ECM input management,” says ITyX CEO and company founder Süleyman Arayan.