3 November 2010

ITyX exhibits at the UK’s premier Contact Centre Exhibition and Conference

ITyX will showcase its intelligent response solutions for customer service centres at the forthcoming Call Centre & Customer Management Expo in Birmingham.

The UK’s largest exhibition and conference will take place at the NEC from 21 to 22 September and expects more than 5,200 trade visitors.


The technology provider has developed a range of products to analyse and process incoming text based communication from whitemail to email and SMS to twitter feeds.


Self-learning solutions such as Mediatrix Email Response Management (ERMS), Self Service, Virtual Agent or Digital Mailroom automate the processing of standard tasks, increasing efficiency in the customer service and back office centres. Other products such as web chat and co-browser WebScout or social media analysis tool ComCrawler help increase pro-active online customer service and sales activities.


Based on Artifical Intelligence (AI) methodologies, all ITyX solutions are multi-lingual and in use on client sites across Europe. Their high recognition rates of incoming text results in the correct analysis of text, relevant routing to the right staff and efficient processing and responses that deliver customer satisfaction.


If clients use more than one product of the fully integrated Mediatrix suite, they can achieve even more efficiency. The Email Response Management system can for example dynamically feed questions and successful answers into the Web Self Service.


To find out more about the ITyX range, our latest products and features, visit us:
hall 9, stand H10
Call Centre & Customer Management Expo.


2 August 2010

ITyX simplifies Tweet Response Management

Organisations are faced with an ever increasing amount of messages about brands, products and services using the social media platform.

Technology provider ITyX now analyses incoming twitter news using AI (Artificial Intelligence) methodologies, processes and then integrates them in the multi-channel customer communication.


One of the leading experts worldwide in analysing all types of text based incoming correspondence (email, internet, whitemail, fax, documents, SMS), ITyX has now integrated the processing of tweets in its Enterprise Response Solution Mediatrix.


The sheer scale of incoming communication makes it difficult for brand owners and customer service centres to separate the ‘wheat from the chaff’. Mediatrix is an intelligent system, which self-learns from best practice and takes advantage of this important new customer communications channel and engages directly with particular target audiences.


Mediatrix receives existing Twitter-API tweets about an organisation and its brands or products. It then analyses and categorises the content text based on search terms or AI (Artificial Intelligence) and routes these at the best time to available customer service staff. Twitter customers then receive within seconds a contact from the brand owner, using defined response suggestions.


The responses are lodged in a user history. Andreas Klug, director at ITyX, explains: “The tweet connects the real time character of an online chat with the commodity of an email”.


4 May 2010

ITyX and Fraunhofer Institute develop new Technologies for self-learning Data Extraction

New self-learning processes improve the recognition rate of required information from letter mailings and accelerate incoming mail processing.


The Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems IAIS and ITyX have developed a solution for the automatic extraction of business data. Business data includes, for example, customer numbers, but also address data or product information that is required when processing written enquiries.

Using this solution, an organisation that checks its incoming mail can now see if and where a mailing contains the required business data. Up to now, solutions were not able to differentiate information on their own without rule types and additional filters; for example what is a customer number or a similar looking telephone number? In a worst case scenario, incorrectly recognised business data led to expensive and time intensive post-processing. "With the new intelligent processes, the rate for business data extraction - in particular with free text - can be increased considerably, without having to develop countless rule types," emphasises ITyX managing director Suleyman Arayan. Customers will be delighted as their written enquiries are now processed much faster.

"The extension of the established ITyX solution shows how open minded SMEs can technologically round off their own products, without having to develop these time and cost intensive solutions themselves," said Dr. Melanie Gnasa, head of the Text Mining group at Fraunhofer IAIS. "The long-standing cooperation between Fraunhofer IAIS and ITyX also confirms how productively applied research and practical experience can work for business," adds Arayan. In its future cooperation, IAIS and ITyX will continue to place great importance in identifying new company specific problems that occur when processing incoming mail and to provide practical solutions based on research findings.


3 March 2010

ITyX launches the VIRTUAL AGENT to automate back office processes

Software solutions specialist ITyX has just released Mediatrix VIRTUAL AGENT.

This new product captures, validates and transfers data automatically into existing ERP/host environments using secure remote connections.


ITyX managing director Andreas Klug explains: “The functionality of the VIRTUAL AGENT has been an integrated part of our existing solutions such as Virtual Mailroom and Email Response Management. It has enabled our clients to achieve process time reductions of more than 50% and we decided to make the VIRTUAL AGENT available to a wider customer base as a stand-alone module.”


The VIRTUAL AGENT is particularly effective when used for routine tasks, such as processing of incoming forms, applications, contracts or receipts or maintenance of twin systems. It captures, validates and transfers data automatically into ERP/ HOST environments, without the need to adjust existing systems.


Human interaction is only needed if data is incomplete or if a test process cannot be carried out successfully. The VIRTUAL AGENT uses remote connections, such as Windows Terminal Server, VNC or Citrix.


Klug adds: “The VIRTUAL AGENT comes with no initial cost outlay – clients only pay a percentage on the achieved cost savings. This will help organisations become leaner in these difficult times, without having to find a budget to implement change.”