Self-learning Software Solution Automates Processing of Incoming E-mail, Letter Mail, Fax

Posted by Andreas Klug on Jul 12, 2008 4:04:00 PM
Andreas Klug

ITyX is already known for its leading solution for intelligent e-mail processing at contact centers.

At Call Center World 2009 in Berlin, the Cologne-based technology company presents MAILROOM 2.0, the first automated mailroom for self-learning processing of customer messages via e-mail, text message, letter and fax. The digital mailroom, which works based on artificial intelligence methods, sorts, extracts and processes incoming mail admin-free, learning by.


Service companies still invest significantly more resources in processing letters and faxes than they do in handling customer contacts via phone, Web and e-mail. Since the late 1990ties, mid-sized to large organizations have been implementing solutions for digitalizing documents and document logistics. Thus, today, digitally transporting documents is really doable. However, classifying and routing document-based business transactions, auto-identifying and further processing them is still mostly done manually in cost-intensive business processes.


With the new Mediatrix module MAILROOM, ITyX is integrating digital mail processing in form of visual workflow management into the multi-channel customer service operations of a contact center: Incoming documents are classified and routed to the appropriate customer service rep with matching skills. This occurs based on self-learning methods and contingent on priorities and escalation limits. The method is similar to the way a modern call center solution would define and create phone workflows. The information retrieval methods ITyX uses to find and identify customer and product data significantly reduce processing times. Mediatrix automatically identifies the required data and conducts specific business transactions in the background – without a skilled representative needing to check. The unique feature is that the text analysis and self-learning methods work regardless of document type (letter mail, forms, invoices) at the back-office.


Visit ITyX at Call Center World in Berlin in exhibit hall 4, booth D9.


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