NTT Data and ITyX expand partnership

Posted by Andreas Klug on Jan 11, 2012 7:05:00 AM
Andreas Klug

In addition to consulting, conceptional design, integration and implementation of ITyX solutions, NTT Data will now also act as an authorised reseller.

The ITyX Group has already entered into a cooperation agreement with NTT Data. The two companies have previously worked jointly for several months on the implementation of a large integration project in Customer Experience Management (CEM) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM).

The new cooperation agreement allows NTT Data to be an authorised reseller of the solutions modules of the ITyX platform.

NTT Data was formed by integrating Amtec, Cirquent, Intelligroup, Keae and Value Team, creating a new company with around 6,000 employees in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Argentina and Brazil. It specialises in conceptional design, implementation and operation of intelligent and future-proof IT systems that optimise business processes in large organisations.

This cooperation draws on valuable skills within both organisations in the intelligent analysis, distribution and processing of incoming communication via email, letter mail, web and social media in the growth market ECM.

Customers expect a fast and comprehensive response to their communication

NTT data focuses on customer-oriented consultancy in areas such as business intelligence, business process management and customer management. ITyX’s adaptive capture and automatic processing of text based customer communication in multi-channel management leads the way in this area. “The constant availability of the internet, regardless of location, means that organisations have to manage a flood of digital customer interactions from various channels,” explains ITyX director Andreas Klug. “There is also a change in customer expectation: consumers expect responses to their communication almost in ‘real time’. Only organisations, that can systematically analyse content and route those automatically to the correct business processes, can deal with this dynamic.”

In addition to the distinctive scientific methodology of text mining and content analysis, ITyX offers the most comprehensive portfolio available in the market place. All text channels – from document to intelligent web self service can be used to neatly bring together customer care, marketing and incoming mail on one platform.

The changing Service Economy

“The service economy has changed more in the past five years than the previous 50 years due to email, web and social media.” explains Andreas Klug. “The demand for intelligent, dynamic, adaptive solutions for fast and binding communication grows rapidly. We are delighted that we have found in NTT data a professional partner in all aspects for large projects.”