Know What’s Going to Happen: New Solution by ITyX predicts trends and topics in customer service and on the Web

Posted by Andreas Klug on Oct 12, 2014 5:00:00 PM
Andreas Klug

In the digital transformation of service-oriented organizations, context-based data analysis during live operation poses an enormous challenge.

What’s the content of messages and news streams? What relevant data is being processed and transferred on a daily basis? The German technology provider ITyX introduces a new solution for real-time analysis of data streams from all of an organization’s relevant sources.


The experts in automation software and cognitive computing will present their new solution Mediatrix DISCOVER at the customer service congress Call Center World (CCW) 2015 in Berlin, Germany. The cognitive software analyzes and anticipates trends and topics in customer communications via letter, email, on the Web and in social media.


The new module DISCOVER closes a gap in the software company’s comprehensive portfolio of cognitive software. DISCOVER analyzes unstructured text content in digital communications (email, chat, forums) as well as ECM content (document management) to identify matrices and enable trend analyses. A dynamic dashboard provides management, marketing, customer service and product management alike with customizable analyses in multidimensional visualization.


“With the ITyX modules RESPONSE and KNOWLEDGE, we’ve always been collecting legacy data and dynamic data in customer service and document management. Our analysis was focused on automated routing, processing and responding to relevant messages — on the process level. With DISCOVER, we now offer a top-notch report generator that allows you to extrapolate trends and topics from the content stream to promote management control,” explains ITyX CEO Süleyman Arayan.


This “content-based comprehension of contextual processes,” Arayan continues, “offers a maximum spectrum of flexibility to meet the challenges of digitalization, in the present and in the future.”


DISCOVER’s performance spectrum includes:
› Precise conversation analyses (including what customers desire, what they want to purchase or why they are not buying)
› Dynamic parametrization and visualization of contextual coherences in real time
› Browser-based dashboard with standardized widgets
› Directly configurable identification and differentiation of business topics
› Extensive notification and visualization options.


The cognitive algorithms developed by ITyX are regarded as particularly high-performing in the IT industry, because they continually “learn” and help to largely prevent manual interference in the automated business data extraction (identification of relevant customer and product data).


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