ITyX simplifies Tweet Response Management

Posted by Andreas Klug on Aug 16, 2010 4:03:00 PM
Andreas Klug

Organisations are faced with an ever increasing amount of messages about brands, products and services using the social media platform.

Technology provider ITyX now analyses incoming twitter news using AI (Artificial Intelligence) methodologies, processes and then integrates them in the multi-channel customer communication.


One of the leading experts worldwide in analysing all types of text based incoming correspondence (email, internet, whitemail, fax, documents, SMS), ITyX has now integrated the processing of tweets in its Enterprise Response Solution Mediatrix.


The sheer scale of incoming communication makes it difficult for brand owners and customer service centres to separate the ‘wheat from the chaff’. Mediatrix is an intelligent system, which self-learns from best practice and takes advantage of this important new customer communications channel and engages directly with particular target audiences.


Mediatrix receives existing Twitter-API tweets about an organisation and its brands or products. It then analyses and categorises the content text based on search terms or AI (Artificial Intelligence) and routes these at the best time to available customer service staff. Twitter customers then receive within seconds a contact from the brand owner, using defined response suggestions.


The responses are lodged in a user history. Andreas Klug, director at ITyX, explains: “The tweet connects the real time character of an online chat with the commodity of an email”.


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