ITyX opens office in Brazil

Posted by Andreas Klug on Sep 19, 2012 5:00:00 PM
Andreas Klug

ITyX, a provider of adaptive automation software for ECM and customer service, has just launched its official representative office in Sao Paulo.

South America’s largest economy provides a rapidly growing market, that will invest significantly in the optimisation of text based business processes.

Earlier this year Brazil overtook the UK as the world’s 6th largest economy. It employs around 540,000 people in the call centre industry, generating around £3.5 billion. With its range of adaptive and multi-lingual solutions, ITyX supports organisations in this sector with the management and processing of digital communication, such as documents, emails, social media and the web.

The official ITyX representation in Brazil started on 1 September 2012. During the launch party in Sao Paulo’s Club Transatlantico, ITyX director Andreas Klug welcomed many guests from the IT and service industry. "Brazil is an upcoming market and ideal launch pad for our activities in South America“, commented ITyX CEO and founder Süleyman Arayan on the market entry. Arayan was surprised about the drive in this emerging market. "In Brazil we have found a highly developed infrastructure for digital service delivery, in which outsourcing and service efficiency will play a major part. "

Thomas Schetty, ITyX Manager for South America added: "Thanks to the successful expansion of the digital infrastructure, Brazil has become an important market for service innovation“.

Earlier this month, ITyX also exhibited at CONAREC, South America’s largest Customer Relationship Management (CRM) event, which further emphasised the importance of the service sector for contact centres and business process outsourcing.

ITyX serves its international client base from its head quarters in Germany and overseas offices in the UK, Austria and Belgium.