ECM Trends 2012: Organisations search for content

Posted by Andreas Klug on Aug 9, 2012 1:00:00 PM
Andreas Klug

Automation and improvement of internal business processes are increasingly the focus of ECM implementation projects of medium sized and large organisations.

This is the conclusion of a market study carried out by IdH(Institut für dynamikrobuste Höchstleistung) on behalf of ITyX AG. The survey confirmed key areas already highlighted during the ECM Trend Study that was carried out by Open Text in May 2012.

Decision makers in IT and other specialist areas provided their insights into what they focus on during their ECM (Enterprise Content Management) activities. It became apparent, that the traditional practice of ‘electronic filing’ of documents has decreased in relevance. Back in 2010, 83 percent of respondents to a survey stated, that this is a main objective of their ECM activities. Today this is considered important by not even half of the organisations (49 percent).

‘Content search’ was named by 69 percent as the most important feature of an ECM solution. A close second (67 percent) was the ‘improvement of business processes’, defined as a target for expansion of ECM activities. The respondents were more cautions about ‘mobile applications’ (28 percent) and ‘ECM from the Cloud’ (21 percent).

"Automation and the improvement of business processes become increasingly important for organisations in the ECM context", comments Süleyman Arayan, founder and chief executive (CEO) of ITyX AG on the results of the survey. He adds: "Filing and the search for documents are no longer in the foreground, but the consolidation of information and business processes.”

131 decision makers from organisations with more than 500 employees were interviewed as part of IdH market study. All participants currently use an ECM solution and are working to develop this strategically further in 2012.