badenova optimises incoming mail management using ITyX solutions

Posted by Andreas Klug on Jul 6, 2012 4:01:00 PM
Andreas Klug

The German utilities company badenova improves efficiency of its customer correspondence and integrates external service providers.


badenova AG & Co. KG, a large regional energy supply company, relies on ITyX solutions for the management and processing of its customer correespondence. Within the organisation and its integrated service providers’ mailrooms, all incoming documents are digitally recorded, analysed and distributed, independent of structure and source through the ITyX module Contex.

Service Level and Cost Transparency

The implemented solution replaced the existing document processing system in the summer of 2011. This led to a drastic increase in transparency and as a result improved the quality of the resource planning. ITyX’s adaptive software modules were selected as part of a tender process to improve the efficiency of customer service, achieve audit compliant cost transparency and at any time gain an overview of the key performance indicators.

Behind Every Document is a Customer Expectation

The ITyX solutions initially ‘learnt’ from a number of training examples to help them identify the content and best practice handling of typical customer correspondence. Based on this knowledge, the system was then capable of analysing incoming customer transactions and initiating the underlying business processes automatically. Before an email or letter would reach the desk of an employee, customer identification information was extracted from the text and verified using the company’s SAP system. As a result, handling times decreased considerably and response times to customer contacts improved.

“It was also very important to us to be able to prioritise the processing of time critical transactions for our customers.” explains Marco Dirner, head of customer service at badenova. “Our aim was to be in a position to evaluate at any time the number of transactions and handling times – in particular when managing our service providers. We have achieved this very well with the ITyX solution.“