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20. March 2017

New digital solution for Toshiba TEC: ITyX supplies innovative AI PLATFORM for smart automation

To set new standards in the field of automated processing in corporate environments, leading provider of imaging solutions, Toshiba TEC, has partnered with ITyX. The German software experts hold the key to a successful strategic cooperation by starting to implement their artificial intelligence (AI) systems of the company-owned AI PLATFORM into Toshiba's services. 


With the public announcement of the partnership, the Japanese technology corporation shows a continuing effort in providing upmarket solutions to digital process automation, assisting their clients with respect to great performance.


With the AI PLATFORM, ITyX introduces a series of partly trademarked AI algorithms and machine learning, aimed at finally establishing automated routine processes in the fields of service, back office and business administration. Thanks to its smartness, the self-learning ITyX software recollects repeatedly emerging patterns of content, incorporates decisions by elected personnel and handles future communication procedures with its adaptive knowledge base. As such, employees are relieved of executing monotonous individual production steps, and are allowed to spend more time dealing with exceptional cases.


What’s the advantage for companies? Using the AI PLATFORM means an average reduction of handling times of text-based operations up to 90%, with 40% of unstructured content converted into valuable data records for further processing. The resulting fast return on investment (ROI) leads to savings on time, costs and resources, as well as an improvement of quality and the consistency of business interactions.


ITyX group's marketing director, Andreas Klug, gets to the heart of it: “The smart process automation points the way on how businesses will assert themselves in the future market”, he says. “Thanks to the partnership with Toshiba TEC, we take significant steps towards our purpose of enabling customers to receive a smooth workflow during their service procedures, might those be analogue or digital.”

11. May 2015

Software Made in Germany: ITyX expands to the United States

The leader in the German-speaking marketplace for self-learning enterprise software opens a new office in Florida

- ITyX software is based on artificial intelligence and can comprehend the content of emails and documents. Digitalization has increased the demand for automation solutions in the US, as it has in Europe
- The Florida office will be our springboard for activities in North and South America.


Orlando, 2015-05-12 – German ITyX, a market leader specializing in intelligent software, is opening a new location in Florida in response to the increasing demand for adaptive software in the US. ITyX expands its activities to a market that due to digitalization increasingly invests in automation of service interactions via email, the Internet, apps and social media.

Our software understands and responds to messages: In the German-speaking regions, ITyX is market leader in adaptive enterprise solutions — today also known as “cognitive software”. The solutions are based on latest methods of AI (artificial intelligence) and can comprehend text-based content in any language and structure. Many of the „Global Top 150“ companies rely on software made in Germany. Our solutions are now applied in 22 countries.

We have founded our first US subsidiary — ITyX Solutions Inc. — back in April 2014 to better serve internationally operating clients and partners in the world’s largest IT market. Our Florida office is growing, and we have moved into the historic Angebilt building in Orlando, one of the oldest buildings in Florida. “We will be expanding our US team with several specialists for our professional services,” says ITyX founder and CEO Süleyman Arayan. “We are finding an excellently built out infrastructure here, which will also serve us a springboard for future activities in North and South America,” adds ITyX Vice President Joe Radomsky.

Stay tuned for omnichannel customer service!

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