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Human Resources: Intelligent process automation across HR input channels

This case study shows how ... 
... 70% of HR-relevant data is extracted automatically and
... 90 % of of incoming correspondence is correctly dispatched by topic and employee recognition.

Downlad case study

Managing correspondence mainly manually is time-consuming — and outdated.

Certificates, applications, confirmations: Different systems and responsibilities for managing and processing employee correspondence make processes in the HR department complex and expensive. The cases get reviewed and assigned manually. They are manually captured in SAP.

AI PLATFORM by ITyX manages the classification of employee correspondence and extracts HR-relevant data largely automatically.


The client

Human resources department of an international telecommunications company with more than 200,000 employees


The task

Switch from manual capture and processing of HR-relevant personal documents and messages to intelligent, automated capture across all input channels — and automatically triggering the right process in HR management.


The goal

  • 700 HR processes: Reduce complexity, simplify handling
  • Self-service: Employees should use smartphone and online apps
  • Digitalization: Reduce phone contacts

AI – the key to intelligent automation of HR processes

AI - the key to intelligent automation of HR processes

Read in this case study how by using artificial intelligence to manage correspondence in your HR department …


  • … nearly 90% of incoming HR messages are precisely categorized by topic and employee
  • … 70% of HR-relevant data is extracted automatically
  • … phone inquiries are turned into email scripts, then classified, analyzed and automatically routed for processing.
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