Success Case

Automating input management through artificial intelligence

For energy providers
How to ...
correctly assign more than 85% of customer correspondence in your inbox to the right process and the right agent
while automatically extracting and transposing 95% of the customer- and case-specific data.



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It’s time-consuming largely manage your customer correspondence manually – and the approach is outdated.

Emails, letters, faxes: Customer service center staff sift cases, pre-sort them by topic, and readout and enter relevant data into the case management system (CRM) for processing. The AI PLATFORM by ITyX enables you to largely automate the classification of customer correspondence (What is it about?) as well as the extraction of relevant data (Who is writing?).

The processing time decreases – costs go down.


AI – the key to automated input management

Read this success story to learn how to use artificial intelligence to automate large parts of case processing.

AI immensely contributes to customer service success:

  • Shorter response times through quick routing
  • Quicker responses thanks to precise proposed responses
  • Lasting increase in customer satisfaction.