Success Case

Automated Leasing Processes with AI

Read in this case study how ...
... in 80 percent of cases, all relevant data can be ascertained automatically.
... reading and reviewing cases becomes measurably faster and more convenient.
... the entire financial process is significantly accelerated and simplified.




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Shrinking Margins – Tough Competition: How AI successfully supports back office processes

Personal loans, security deposits, leasing: Financial institutions predominantly handle applications manually, generating considerable costs in case processing and back office.

It’s an immense effort to enter documents and transpose the information to legacy systems.

This financial service provider uses our AI PLATFORM to identify and capture all relevant data automatically – and support back office tasks.


AI – the key to automating financial processes

Read in the case study how banks and finanical service providers can use artificial intelligence to manage financial processes largely automatically.

AI tremendously helps to support employees:

  • Employees simply use the tab key to jump from day to day.
  • Reading and reviewing cased becomes significantly faster and more convenient.