Success Case

AI in Commerce:
Intelligent automation of order processes

For B2B Commerce
This case study shows how to use artificial intelligence to ... 
... recognize and automatically process 70% of incoming orders (email, fax, order forms)
... die increase your employees’ productivity at the workplace by up to 40%
... speed up order processing and increase customer satisfaction..


Success Case Automated Ordering Processes


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Processing orders manually is not only extremely time-consuming – the method is outdated.

Everybody in their individual way:
When your customers submit an order, they use the method that is most convenient to them. They order formlessly by email, send a list via fax or use their own printed order forms. And your employees have to review each incoming order, assign it and type it into a subsequent system.
With the AI PLATFORM by ITyX, this process can largely be automated.

Success Case Automated Ordering Processes

AI – the key to automating routine processes in service and sales

Read this case study to learn how to use our AI PLATFORM to automatically process incoming messages and orders from your customers, regardless of structure (freeform text, custom order forms, lists) or source (email, attachment, fax).

  • No more manual sorting and routing
  • Orders are triggered automatically
  • Fewer than 2 out of 10 orders still have to be checked and finalized
  • No more manual data entry into SAP and the like.