Artificial Intelligence: Why AI is the Key to Success

Enterprises of all industries and sizes are facing fundamental challenges caused by the progressive digitalization throughout societies worldwide. After decades of inflexible work processes based on rigid rules and top-down structures, slowly but surely the public has dominated the market. Given their demands for individual quotations and immediate response, many business models have fallen into disuse. The future holds the solution in artificial intelligence (AI). Read More

‘Go Digital or Die’ goes beyond supported channels: the challenges at hand

The Customer Contact Expo in London is an impressive event with lots to see, learn and experience. There are keynotes, workshops and exhibits galore. But some remain etched in our memory even now. Paul Scott of Dimension Data presented a talk entitled “Go digital or die”, which falls into that memorable category. Read More

Customer Self-service and the Importance of Context

Foto: (c) In today’s customer service environment, it is essential to offer self-service possibilities. With the use of enabling technologies and features, customers can get the service they require and businesses can provide that service. If intelligent technology is used effectively, the potential for providing contextual, creative service is great and can give businesses a competitive  advantage. Businesses can help diminish their overheads by using an already connected customer base to leverage collaborative problem-solving with strong community elements. This is, of course, the ideal situation. Read More

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