There is no way to deal with data processing in daily business without coming across document and mobile capture. But when exactly is an investment in the proposed solution of smart data capture profitable – or even essential? And how do the applications wield influence over following processes once the initial handling has been completed? A compact overview with all the relevant information is provided in trade group Bitkom’s significant guidelines. Read More

New world, new customer – What the Insurance Industry can look forward to

(c) istock.com/Kritchanut Not too long ago, the topic of a connected world made many people uncomfortable to say the least. Most people were either frightened or livid at the idea of their personal information being accessible to companies and governments at lightning speed.It seems that the future investors have been imagining this long before it arrived, and now the connected world might actually be a reality. Read More

How Customer Queries are Changing, from Call to Contact

© David Nanescu Before the Internet, “word-of-mouth” allowed a business to create a positive impression about the product or service they were offering. Today, with the dominance of Internet-based social media channels, a consumer’s feedback can be much more influential, as their words can reach an incalculable number of eyes in a shorter space of time than ever before. As a result, the modern call center has had to change its approach, and the modern customer is no longer just a voice heard over the phone. The modern customer tweets, likes, posts and emails – and so must the customer service. Read More

Mobile customer engagement: 5 things businesses need to know about capturing data

(c)iStockphoto/PeskyMonkey Organizations have been able to work more efficiently thanks to the creation and adoption of smartphone technology. A workforce using smartphones can manage their time more effectively with the use of tools such as email, collaboration and calendar on smartphone devices. However, organizations have not tapped into the full potential of smartphones. Some organizations have encountered difficulties as they add more smartphone base applications. Getting smartphone applications right could unlock great potential. Read More

The Future of Customer Service

Endless wait times, unprepared and misinformed customer service representatives, no transfer of information when switching from one communication channel to another – it’s safe to say, consumers are tired of the experience they get when trying to get support from many organizations. Businesses have long recognized the importance and value of delivering high end customer service, many continue to struggle to provide service in ways desirable to the end customer. A recent study (Philipp Klaus: Measuring Customer Experience)1 states that 80% of CEOs believe their companies deliver outstanding customer service, while the same study indicates that 8% of those customers feel the same way. What is the cause for this massive perception gap? Read More

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