As far as intellectuality and cognition are concerned, so-called ‘knowledge workers’ play key roles in modern enterprises. For knowledge workers, contributing to a successful business by forming and implementing their concepts is often considered a lifelong task. As analysts have predicted an increasing skills shortage for years to come, companies are trying their best to counteract any adverse effects. The ‘war for talent’ entails new ways of finding and keeping the necessary talent for company plans. Read More

‘Go Digital or Die’ goes beyond supported channels: the challenges at hand

The Customer Contact Expo in London is an impressive event with lots to see, learn and experience. There are keynotes, workshops and exhibits galore. But some remain etched in our memory even now. Paul Scott of Dimension Data presented a talk entitled “Go digital or die”, which falls into that memorable category. Read More

Information’s Role in Transformation

For some businesses it’s logical and for others a complete mystery that in order to execute a digital transformation process and conduct business in today’s digital world, they need digital and digitized information. Success is unlikely if they are unable to use information and data for maximum benefit improving business processes such as enhancing the customer experience. Read More

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