Top 10 Gartner Strategic Technology Trends - Let us take a closer Look

Not long ago, Gartner Incorporated presented the top trends in technology among most organizations. The findings were released at a 5-day Gartner event in Orlando, FL where the leading minds in the industry met to discuss the year ahead. A strategic technology trend, by Gartner standards, is one that impacts the organization where it is utilized significantly. And by “significant impact”, they mean that the technology trend tends to unsettle the end-user and the business. These trends require significant capital investment, but they also expose businesses to the risk of being late adopters. In this way, the goals, objectives and missions of organizations need to be reconsidered. Read More

The Third Platform Is Coming — at Full Tilt

The final predictions for 2015 have been made. All bets are on the table. We are amid the current year and are realizing that virtually 100% of the growth in IT is related to third-platform technology. The technical basics of the third platform are mobile computing, cloud services, big data and analytics, and social networks. In the view of IDC head analyst Frank Gens, the industry has now reached the point it has been working toward since 2007. Cloud computing, social apps, big data and the Internet of things are no longer science fiction. Read More

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