Artificial Intelligence Leads the Way to Customer Experience Excellence

Millennials are often labeled as being less social than preceding generations because they use smartphones and tablets sometimes more often than they physically interact with people. For them, however, these devices are not a boundary to communication, but rather a portal that allows them to establish relationships and achieve goals across a vast geographical space. Read More

Thinking Software: Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology significantly optimizes customer service

©iStockphoto/ Halfpoint The consumer gapes, the professional marvels: A few weeks ago Google tub-thumped that Gmail now will answer emails by itself. By using self-learning algorithms the leading search engine is going to make answering emails much easier than ever before. As many as 20,000 possible answers are available. The company is focusing on tablet and smartphone users assisting them with daily correspondence. Using self-learning software for everyday activities sounds exciting. Read More

The Resurrection of Email

Photo: In the blog series Prediction Time, AIIM president John Mancini shares his thoughts on the role of email in 2015 and comes to the conclusion, “Email is once again cool.” He says businesses had declared email as primary communication channel as dead more than once in the past in favor of social systems. Meanwhile, he believes that thanks to various innovations, the exact opposite is now true. People once again like email. Read More

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