Artificial Intelligence: Linking Businesses and Customers

Comprehensive ‘Information of Everything’ is about all imaginable IT-related issues, from self-learning software, discrete agents and automated objects to innovative apps and services, furthermore providing a platform for the Internet of Things. Gartner’s riveting predictions and analyses for the current year’s end include a future digital world based on Artificial Intelligence algorithms and smart machines that are able to facilitate a ‘harmonious relation’ between businesses and their clients. Read More

Ready, Set, Go: The Digital Transformation Race

The advent of the Third Platform (Big Data, Social, Mobile, Cloud & Analytics) has generated predictions of increasing innovation, accelerated disruption and broad application adoption. Many of them have come true, but the years ahead are about more than just keeping astride of the growth of third platform technologies. Instead, businesses need to keep their survival in mind. The ability to stay competitive and prosper is not guaranteed by simply embracing the benefits of third platform technologies or even putting the consumer first. One thing is certain: information management is one of the must-haves for a digital transformation strategy. Read More

Information’s Role in Transformation

For some businesses it’s logical and for others a complete mystery that in order to execute a digital transformation process and conduct business in today’s digital world, they need digital and digitized information. Success is unlikely if they are unable to use information and data for maximum benefit improving business processes such as enhancing the customer experience. Read More

The Third Platform Is Coming — at Full Tilt

The final predictions for 2015 have been made. All bets are on the table. We are amid the current year and are realizing that virtually 100% of the growth in IT is related to third-platform technology. The technical basics of the third platform are mobile computing, cloud services, big data and analytics, and social networks. In the view of IDC head analyst Frank Gens, the industry has now reached the point it has been working toward since 2007. Cloud computing, social apps, big data and the Internet of things are no longer science fiction. Read More

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