New world, new customer – What the Insurance Industry can look forward to

(c) Not too long ago, the topic of a connected world made many people uncomfortable to say the least. Most people were either frightened or livid at the idea of their personal information being accessible to companies and governments at lightning speed.It seems that the future investors have been imagining this long before it arrived, and now the connected world might actually be a reality. Read More

How Customer Queries are Changing, from Call to Contact

© David Nanescu Before the Internet, “word-of-mouth” allowed a business to create a positive impression about the product or service they were offering. Today, with the dominance of Internet-based social media channels, a consumer’s feedback can be much more influential, as their words can reach an incalculable number of eyes in a shorter space of time than ever before. As a result, the modern call center has had to change its approach, and the modern customer is no longer just a voice heard over the phone. The modern customer tweets, likes, posts and emails – and so must the customer service. Read More

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